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When you’re ready to completely transform your bathroom, call Bath Busters! We have superior bathroom remodeling.

No matter what the size, shape or level of wear and tear in your current bathroom, the team at Bath Busters can make a professional, affordable bath & shower in less time than you thought possible. 

With so many options, it’s easy to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted—without breaking the bank! Call us today for your bathroom remodeling needs! 

Save Money

You don't need to spend much on your dream bathroom. We got you covered.

Save Time

Affordable bath and shower in less time than you thought possible. That's the excellence in our bathroom remodeling skills.

Avoid Stress

We polled designers and professionals for their top tips and insider tricks for getting every detail right.

More of our Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bath Liners

A bathtub liner is a solid piece of acrylic designed to precisely fit into the contours of your tub or shower unit.

Shower Liners

A shower liner is a solid piece of acrylic designed to precisely fit into the contours of your tub or shower unit.

Walk-in Tubs

Our incredible walk-in tub technology is perfect for those looking for independence in the bath & shower.

Bathroom Conversions

From tub to shower, or shower to tub, we will grant your bathroom desires.
Lifetime Warranty
We guarantee a lifetime warranty to assure you how much faith we have in our quality.
Fast Installation
We install anywhere from as little as 1 day to less than a week.
Your Style
Choose between many different styles to fit your own desires.
Easy Maintenance
No molds, no grout, and no stains, only quality. Clean grime easily & quickly.

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