Why Bath Liners are the Best Option for Tub Remodeling

It’s the end of a long day and all you desire is a nice, hot bath to relax in. The only problem? You can’t seem to relax fully knowing that your bathtub needs a good overhaul.

You’ve considered a bathroom remodel and know that your best bet is to invest in an updated tub liner.  

Fortunately, our acrylic bath liners can be the very smart and inexpensive solution you are seeking.  Here we list the top reasons to have our team of professionals install an acrylic bath liner to your existing bathtub!

Custom Fit.

Our custom-fitted acrylic bathtub liners are ideal for installing over your old tub.  We provide a molded insert that allows a brand new look without the costly purchase of replacing and discarding your old, worn tub.

No need to replace the existing floor or walls in your bathroom either. When replacing a tub completely, it’s oftentimes difficult to save the original flooring, resulting in replacement.

By having a custom fit to a pre-existing layout, our acrylic bath liners also allow for everything surrounding the tub, including the flooring and walls to remain unaffected.  Of course, if you decide you want to swap out your new bath wall to match your updated acrylic liner, that’s an easy addition!

Save Money.

Remodeling costs are significant.  Especially in the bathroom area where most time is spent in any household, second only to the kitchen. Installing a tub liner as opposed to a complete bath remodel can save you a lot of money on your bathroom renovation.

You can expect that our acrylic bathtub liners are typically only a third of the cost of a total bath remodel, which could be a huge deciding factor for your project

Quick Installation

A full-blown bathtub remodel calls for demolition, discarding, installing and possibly many other issues that arise when structures surrounding the tub are compromised (cracking, piping, fitting)  Lucky for you, our acrylic bath liners take less time for installation. In fact, we are happy to provide a complimentary quote, as well as, see if your project qualifies for our competitive 1-day installation!  If you want to keep your time and costs minimal an acrylic tub liner may be the best option for you.


Our acrylic bathtub liners sport non-porous materials and can be cleaned easily with soap and water. Not only does this make maintenance extremely easy, but it also helps reduce the likelihood of rust, stains and chips in the finish of your tub. They are not only smooth and comfortable but also damage-resistant.


Liners have non-skid surfaces, which allows them to be a safer option as well. Should you decide to add additional safety features like grab bar or a corner caddy, these can easily be added on.


Acrylic bathtub liners are lightweight which allows them to be installed effortlessly on any level of the home or complex. This differs greatly from heavier tubs which require more supportive flooring.  If you want some variety between bathroom, acrylic tub liners come in many different color, size, and configuration options.


Acrylic tubs may mimic the appearance of cast iron tubs all while being hundreds of pounds lighter. Our acrylic tub liners offer a silky-smooth, striking, durable look that is easy on the eyes and the wallet!

Heat Retention.

Finally, to get that hot, relaxing bath you desire, you’ll want to invest in a tub that retains its heat!  Acrylic tub liners boasts superior warmth retention as the nonporous surface is generally warm to the touch, making this material a great choice for soaking for longer durations comfortably.

When it comes to acrylic bathtub liners, we are you go-to for quality and installation.  Boston Bath Busters takes pride in our high-quality, affordable supplied acrylic bathtubs. These tub liners can be fitted and customized to any bathroom and absolutely any budget. Not only is our material well-crafted, but it also affordable to virtually all incomes.

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