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Superior Bathroom Remodelers

Bath Busters specializes in installing the best quality bathtubs that are affordable, safe, and gorgeous. You could be looking for a shower & wall enclosure, quick tub / shower conversion, an easy tub or shower replacement, or even a walk-in tub, whatever it is, Bath Busters is your best choice. Our team of professional installers have been installing for over 20 years, providing premium quality that is impossibly rare in New England. Chances are that any competitor you’re looking at has come to us for advice with installing. That just goes to show our installation superiority.

Custom, Durable 1 Day Bathroom Remodels

With Bath Busters premium material, you get to choose your favorite designs, colors, and patterns, to perfectly match your vision. Your vision is our priority and we won’t quit until you’re 100% satisfied. Our professional installers can install even the most complex bathtub remodel projects in just a few hours.

  • Replacement Tubs – If you’d prefer to get rid of your old tub entirely, we can gut it out and replace it with a high quality tub replacement.
  • Bath Liners – If you’d like to skip the gutting, we can get a perfectly custom liner wrap to go right over your current tub, eliminating the need for demolition.
  • Bath Wall Surrounds – Complete your bathroom’s style with your custom designed wall surrounds. Choose your favorite pattern & color.
  • Tub-to-Shower Conversions – Get rid of your current bathtub and enjoy a beautiful new shower enclosure. No more tub barrier when showering.
  • Shower-to-Tub Conversions – We can easily replace a shower with a gorgeous new tub.
  • Walk-in Tubs – For those looking for maximum comfort or easy accessibility options, the walk-in tub is the perfect solution. Sit down in a chair-like seat, close the door, and fill the tub to chest height.

How Long is a Bathroom Remodel?

You’ll get your dream bathroom in only one day. With most bath remodelers in New England, you’re most likely going to lose access to your bathroom for a few days… that won’t happen with Bath Busters.

With over 20+ years of experience, we’ve perfected the skill of getting a bathroom done perfectly within a few hours. This is not a feat that most of our competitors can manage, not at our premium quality. This way you can minimize interruptions and get your dream bathroom done super quick.

How Do I Begin?

To start, you have to choose a bathroom remodeler with tons of positive reviews and years of experience. We’re human but we don’t make mistakes in our remodels. We use our 20+ years of experience to install the best possible bathroom according to what YOU want. At Bath Busters, we won’t quit until you’re 100% satisfied.

Let’s book your free in-home consultation now and we’ll come answer any questions you have, design your perfect bathroom together, and quote you on the project.


Walk-in Shower Enclosures

Conversions & Replacements

High Quality Bathtubs

Conversions & Replacements

Alexia in her new white walk-in tub. Great for seniors looking for accessibility options

Walk-in Tubs


Grab Bar for Accessibility. Great for Seniors looking for Independance or Handicap Reasons

Accessibility for Showers & Tubs


More of our Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bath Liners

A bathtub liner is a solid piece of acrylic designed to precisely fit into the contours of your tub or shower unit.

Shower Liners

A shower liner is a solid piece of acrylic designed to precisely fit into the contours of your tub or shower unit.

Walk-in Tubs

Our incredible walk-in tub technology is perfect for those looking for independence in the bath & shower.

Bathroom Conversions

From tub to shower, or shower to tub, we will grant your bathroom desires.
Lifetime Warranty
We guarantee a lifetime warranty to assure you how much faith we have in our quality.
Fast Installation
We install anywhere from as little as 1 day to less than a week.
Your Style
Choose between many different styles to fit your own desires.
Easy Maintenance
No molds, no grout, and no stains, only quality. Clean grime easily & quickly.

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