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What are Bath Liners?

Consider getting a Bath Liner when your bathtub goes bad!

A bathtub or shower liner is a solid piece of acrylic or PVC plastic designed to precisely fit into the contours of your tub or shower unit. 

To replace your tub, instead of demolishing your current tub, we attach a high quality acrylic liner wrap over your tub to make it brand new. This eliminates thousands of dollars of labor charges & dozens of hours of work.

Save Money

You don't need to spend much on these bath liners but they still work like a charm.

Save Time

Tub liners are a faster fix than completely demolishing and replacing your bathroom

Avoid Stress

Liners do not require demolition so it's a hassle-free job.

Our Bathtub Liner Process


We come to your home and measure your current tub and/or walls.​


We get your new tub and/or walls manufactured based on your current measurements. Arrives in about just 1 week.

Installer putting in new acrylic tub & walls in a new bathroom.


Within just 1 day, we install your new tub liner over your current ones with powerful, safe adhesive. And it’s done!

Lifetime Warranty
We guarantee a lifetime warranty to assure you how much faith we have in our quality.
Fast Installation
We install anywhere from as little as 1 day to less than a week.
Your Style
Choose between many different styles to fit your own desires.
Easy Maintenance
No molds, no grout, and no stains, only quality. Clean grime easily & quickly.

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