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Shower Liners

Instead of demolishing your old shower base, a high quality liner perfectly fit & wrapped over your current shower base. This eliminates thousands of dollars of labor charges & dozens of hours of work.

Our Shower Process

(conversions follow a different process, click here)

Step 1

We come to your home and measure your current shower & walls.

Step 2

We send your measurements to manufacture your new shower liner wrap & new walls.

Step 3

Installer putting in new acrylic tub & walls in a new bathroom.

We install your new shower base liner over your current ones with powerful, safe adhesive.

And it’s done!

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee a lifetime warranty to assure you how much faith we have in our quality.

Fast Installation

We install anywhere from as little as 1 day to less than a week.

Your Style

Choose between many different styles to fit your own desires.

Easy Maintenance

No molds, no grout, and no stains, only quality.. Clean grime easily & quickly.

Choose Your Shower Door

​Sliding & Bypass Shower Door

Choose from left or right or the other way around.

Pivot & Hinged Shower Door

Choose from left or right or the other way around.

How It's Done

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